Richard Henya Njagu, Kamangu Village, Kenya, October 2005

Dear All,


I have been working hard to changing my stove model design for sometime. I am done. The main reason to do this states fact that the materials I used went missing for a time . I therefore was forced to go to material availability factor. Sales of the new model has been quite okay.

Adding more appeal

I also changed the insulating material from pumice to diatomite. Diatomite is easier to apply when soaked in water because no cement is added. It is also lighter in weight. It results 7 kgs when lifted while pumice is 11 kg. The cost is the same.

I also made for myself a rolling machine for mabati and a foot driven potters wheel. The production is now much faster.

I have so far sold about 100 new stoves. Beauty is attracting much. The selling remains the same as before (500 Ksh. [=US$ 6.94 Dec 05] WELCOME)



Richard Henya Njagu
PO Box 98
Kamangu Village, Kikuyu, Kenya



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