Mrs Mary Kavita Hay Box Cooker, Makweni , Kenya and Zimbabwe Hay Box

Richard Stanley, Legacy Foundation, November 2005

Dear Friends

Attached is the decorative upscale  haybox cooker made by Mrs. Mary Kavita a really good extensionist and group leader for her own womens association in Makweni Kenya. Their focus is by the way nurserys and plants when she is not preaching the briquette.

She does not have email and does not know anything about computers...It is precisely the good folks like Mary Kavita who we want to engage directly or through their own group equipped to do so,  in the proposed briquett E network....

Aluta continua eh ?


Mrs. Mary Kavita, Makueni, Kenya Mrs. Mary Kavita's Haybox cooker
Hello all - I just downloaded a great little booklet that semi-matches the description of a cooking book that Rok talks about below.  Check out: click on Positve Living: Food and Us.   It highlights the 'hay box' cooker, which in Malawi we are using a basket and leaves or paper or whatever for insulation.  I think it was section 4 that highlighted the box cooker / warmer / insulator - all the chapters have recipies in easy format. 

Integrated Food Security Project who is now under Probec Programme for biomass energy conservation (or something along those lines) gave me the idea some years ago and I use it with all my training courses and other venues whenever I can squeeze the idea in!  I also use their moveable clay stove along with the paper briquettes that we make by hand. It would be great to get all these stove ideas in print, I know Peace Corps has several mud stove styles, including one that sounds similar to one Rok describes.  Everyone adds their own flare to the ideas and works to improve the efficiency. I refuse to get onto another listserv at this point in time (!), but a website with all these ideas on it would be superb! Stacia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Zimbabwe HIV and AIDS Program, Positive Living: Food & Us, p, 78. John Snow International

Richard Stanley

Legacy Foundation

November 2, 2005